So sometime ago in March the gardening bug struck on a warm 70 degree day and I got to work banishing azalea bushes from my yard.

Several weeks later, I realized I had really neglected the yard and it was completely overrun with weeds. The lawn we knew would be bald. The flower beds on the other hand . . .

I left one azalea bush behind and it was getting choked by some mysterious vine weed that’s been wrapping itself around the branches of the bush.  But the bush itself has been surrounded by weeds itself and I haven’t been able to attack it quite yet.

But there’s a problem here. Some weeds are obvious, like dandelions. No problem identifying those. Others looked vaguely plant-like, but were so plentiful it was obvious. And then there are the plants that aren’t weeds, but get out of control so quickly some people consider them weeds.

I’m getting to my point.

After 28+ years of urban apartment life, I didn’t know what I was doing. I eyeballed one bit of greenery with suspicion. It was growing quite well and seemed to be taking over. So I pulled one out to realize it was a bulb of some kind. Oops. Hmm. Maybe there were some more plants that the previous houseowners had stuffed into the soil that I hadn’t noticed.

Nope. Those were the freesia bulbs I had planted in April. Forgot all about them! Oops. I intentionally and ignorantly yanked out one, and I think I yanked out another two by accident. But the rest are doing fine! I saw a stalk the other day that clearly had buds on them.

Day Lilies, Jasmine (what a sublime perfume), cilantro, basil, a grape tomato plant appear to be doing well so far. There’s a fox glove in the front that I bought purely for color. Gerbera daisies I am worried about, as I didn’t pot them straight away and with the heat of the recent few days they aren’t looking very lively.


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