It was like that when I got here . . .

I was very excited by Obama. I liked his ideals of change and I thought he was a good public speaker.

Then he became President and I quickly became disappointed. I think he’s arrogant and extremely self-righteous. He likes to waggle his finger a lot. And the media was absolutely in love with him to the point that he was under national media scrutiny for his mom jeans.

More than two years into his presidency and he is still using the excuse “it was like that when I got here” and therefore it’s not his fault. Well, no, it’s not his fault. But it’s his responsibility to see us through these hard economic times. For a while there it seemed, prior to Election Day this year, he was using his “The Republicans left the car in the ditch” speech daily. Well, so much for bipartisanship! Hey, Hey, LBJ–where are you?? You who actually got things through Congress?! Quickly?

I now use this statement, “It was like that when I got here” quite often to mock something that’s in place that needs to be changed.

For example, the prodigious amounts of beige wall-to-wall carpeting in our house. And the dark brown, depressing wood paneling in the living room and upstairs hallway. I hate wall-t0-wall carpeting. I hate wood paneling. I especially hate beige carpeting.

I came home the other day to discover that Chris’ mom had placed carpet-lets (I don’t know what else to call them) on the treads of the stairs going up to the 2nd floor. There’s already beige carpeting on the stairs. Now we have industrial black with wavy yellow lines carpet-lets on top of the carpet on the stairs. And they shift every time someone steps on them.

I went on a mini rant today about the carpeting and how much I hated it. How I especially detested the carpets on top of the carpet. Chris defended this, gamely, stating that since it was new we should try to preserve it. Well, I ranted, As soon as summer comes around I am at the least going to rip the carpet out of the dining room. If all goes well and there’s time, then I’ll rip the carpet out of the living room. I reminded Chris of our “when we have a house” conversations, and how we both agreed that wall-to-wall carpeting does nothing but harbor dirt, bugs, dust, pollen and germs and god knows what else. When he polled me about how I felt about carpet and I said “I hate (wall to wall carpeting) ’em!” he was pleased. “And now you’re flip-flopping on me, just like Obama and his taxes!” He struggled to suppress a smirk. “I don’t care if the carpet is brand new!” I shouted at Chris. “Just because it was like that when we got here doesn’t mean we have to keep it!” He burst out laughing.

I work in book publishing. Someone pointed out to me that the Library of Congress had the incorrect ISBN listed for one of our titles. I asked one of our assistants to please have the LoC (as well call them) correct the ISBN in their listings. I never expected to be told that, now that the book was actually published, the LoC was in fact incapable of making said correction electronically on their website. “Wow,” I said. “I guess we’re going to leave the car in the ditch! So much for the wonders of technology and the internet!”

Oh, and the same thing goes for the wood panelling. Chris’ dad has been of the opinion that the panelling is of excellent quality, and therefore we should leave it. Ugh. I vaguely recall stating that if his Dad liked it so much, he could remove it and use it to finish the basement, but it needs to either be painted or removed! Well, just because it was like that when we got here doesn’t mean we have to keep it that way!

I remember a few years ago we looked at an oddly-laid out Victorian era house (at least, that’s what the owner said it was) in Mount Vernon, NY. The owner was very insistent that he was going to sell the house only if the new owner promised to keep things as they were. Well, I mean. Unless the house was historically preserved/registered (which it wasn’t), who was he to say what people did to a house that was no longer his once the deed of the house went over to another individual?

I am rambling and I realize I am all over the place in this post. I keep wanting to apply the “It was like that” to Obama, but that’s exactly what he’s trying to avoid. He doesn’t want it to be “like that” but he doesn’t know how to achieve what it is that he wants. I just like making fun of that statement.


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