My revenge is complete.

Several weeks ago I was attempting to tidy up my office. This usually only merely reduces the height of paper piles on my desk. But this time, small boxes were involved. Paper goes into my trash bin, but boxes I leave just outside my door in the hallway. The cleaning staff pick it up later in the evening and allegedly recycle it.

I left two small boxes neatly stacked outside my office door that day. Inside were some bits of paper and packing materials, newspapers. I returned from a meeting to find that someone had taken the boxes. Which is fine. But then this person had literally dumped the contents of the boxes into the hallway and just left everything scattered there.

I was annoyed. It bothered me to know that someone I work with could be so . . . wow. Just. Fill in the blank, because I was and am still rendered speechless.

Not much later that same day, I noticed the boxes in someone’s office and berated the individual for making me look like a careless slob. This person claimed to have forgotten, had meant to pick the stuff up. I loudly declared my annoyance and stomped away.

This same individual likes to root through my garbage at the end of the day, after I have left, in hopes that I have not solved or even bothered with the daily Sudoku puzzle.

The culprit went on vacation for a week the next day. But I was going to have my revenge.

The week the culprit returned to work, I set my plan into action. And three days later, this appeared under my door.

Are you mad at me?

Yes. I had succeeded, indeed! For three days I had carefully clipped out the Sudoku puzzles and tossed the newspaper into the trash as usual.


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