This is Look Out Studio. It was steps away from our little cabin on the South Rim. The location itself is yet another souvenir shop. I don’t know what it is about souvenir shops, Mom and I got sucked into them every time!

This must be in the morning, as the building is situated on the west. So that’s the sun rising in the east there.

Fred Harvey (and his Gals) had this built by an architect named Mary Colter (she built most of the pre-1940s buildings on the South Rim. This particular building was meant to “compete” with Kolb Studios.

The Kolb brothers were photographer/daredevils. I saw some photographs of them dangling from cliffs with huge/gigantic cameras (several hundred pounds of equipment) to get their shots and I believe even shot a movie. They used to take souvenir photos of tourists on their mules going down the Bright Angel Trailhead, sprint ahead down to the bottom of the canyon where they actually had a lab! They would develop the prints, wash them and dry them, and then meet the tourists, still on their way down, and hand them their souvenir photos.

This particular building, LookOut Studio, has a balcony and a terrace beneath the balcony. I should say, really, that the balcony seems very rickety. You’re meant to take a picture from the balcony of nervous-looking people on the terrace below you. I saw quite a few hats that had been blown off people’s heads into the brush below.


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