Now that I’ve waxed poetic . . .

I’m just going to insert a few pics here and explain what’s going on in them.

I think this is a photo from Hopi Point. It’s sad but true, after a while they sort of all look the same. In case you were wondering, this is three photos pieced together.

My sister-in-law, Caroline, warned me that I would come away with the feeling that I couldn’t capture it all. Well, she didn’t warn me. But she did say she felt that way. And she’s right. The photograph just doesn’t capture it.

I forgot to take a photo of our little cabin, courtesy of Bright Angel Lodge. They started a renovation of the Lodge’s restrooms, so it was port-o-heads. Quite clean, actually!

The cabin we stayed in, though, had its own private bathroom. Must be the Italian in me: I was perfectly comfortable and Mom was freezing. I slept largely uncovered throughout the night and mom was bundled and shivering and whimpering. Otherwise, perfectly comfortable cabin.


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