Back from the Grand Canyon.

Right. So, the other reason for creating this blog is that I’m back from the Grand Canyon. And I was trying to find a way to post some pics that I took. And yet, Pickapic and Flixster just did not work for me, yo.

So maybe I’ll post some of my pics with commentary and whatnot.

Let’s see how this goes. .  . .

*Bing!* Hey, it worked! That’s the South Kaibab Trailhead.

There had been snow two days before we got there in mid-April! The weather was perfectly nice. Sunny, breezy and cool. It never got above 70 on the South Rim, above the canyon.

I took my Mom with me. She had been wanting to go for ages, but Dad was uninterested. “The food will be bad!” he exclaimed. Little did he know we had a fabulous Indian meal in Flagstaff. And no, not “Native American” meal, Indian Indian! We had Chicken Tandoori, some kind of dish of peas and potatoes, poori, paratha and something else, and a sweet lassi. We talked about coming back for lunch on our return drive to Phoenix.

The Grand Canyon is simply that. Grand. Aptly named. At its widest point, north to south, it’s ten miles, and a mile deep. But just imagine, Copper Canyon in Mexico is supposed to be 7 times the size! SEVEN!

Comparisons aside, I blinked back tears at my first sight of this abyss. I even believed in a mightier being for a moment. Well, no. I didn’t. Never been religious, never will be. But you see this place and you realize the force of nature is much mightier than the belief of the biggest bible toting-thumping evangelist. First glance at this, you feel so small and your accomplishments are insignificant in comparison to the earthquakes and water erosion that has caused this place to exist. You think “god” is mighty? Get a look here! Forget old-time religion!

It’s late. I’m tired. I’m going to have a long day tomorrow and I suspect my boss will be working from home tomorrow. Which means I’ll have to deal with “People! Arrrggghhh!”

Remember that old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he gets lured to the mad scientist’s castle by a mechanical she-bunny? The orange monster is chasing him around and Bugs Bunny says to him, in a dramatic whisper, “Do ya evah gets the feelin’ you wuz bein’ watched?” He points to the audience.

Orange Monster freezes up, throws up his hands and screams “People! Arrrghhh!” and crashes through walls to run away. When I say I have to deal with “People!” it means I want to run away because I’m having a bad day.

Right. So. I’m off to bed.



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